Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Harlem resident and notable celebrity Neil Patrick Harris gave a tour of his newly renovated townhouse in Architectural digest last week but also revealed how to add in contextual elements when the original details are missing.  The Central Harlem home is for the most part intact within the interior but a black marble mantle in one of the rooms has classic lines but appears to be a more modern addition.  A handsome built out closet next to the aforementioned fireplace also is an updated version of those found in older homes but does not look out of place in a brownstone since the paneled doors are always a good fit for early century interiors.

As far as the bath goes, the decorator used more creative license but stayed with in the vernacular of a period home.  Instead of the overly modern solid glass doors for the shower, paneled French doors with a durable enameled metal frame provides function and form at the same time.  We like the black marble on the tub which is a nice accent but balancing it all off with subway tiles helps make the interior a little more accessible than lining everything with stone.  Replica vintage cross handle fixtures are also a nice touch since they are the most accurate lavatory finishing one can find for a townhouse and much better than the severe single knob variety that somehow has found its way into so many moderate renovations.

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