Wednesday, February 18, 2015


UPDATE:  THE INITIAL DRAFT FROM THE EXCUTIVE BOARD WILL BE PRESENTED TO THE PUBLIC AT THE GENERAL BOARD MEETING ON MARCH 4TH AND NOT THE IN FEBRUARY.  The executive committee of Community Board 10 of Central Harlem is now prepared to make a statement against one homophobic church on Lenox Avenue that has been receiving media attention over the years because of vitriolic hate speech posted out front for all to see.  This meeting is set for Wednesday, February 25th, March 4th, 6:00PM at 163 West 125th Street on the 2nd Floor Art gallery.  All who feel that this is an important topic should show up for support since this will be a controversial issue to address.  For those who might have forgotten, Harlem has always had a diverse historic past since the Renaissance years and the LGBT community has never really left uptown: LINK


  1. Yikes. He's posted much worse than this. I'm not sure if the CB meeting will just fuel his fire. The larger issue is probably all the parishioners who subscribe to this particular brand of bullshit.

  2. I have often talked about how offensive this signage is, and wanted to do something about it. Unfortunately I am unable to attend on February 25. Is there someone I can reach out to at Community Board 10 to show my support?

  3. That meeting is gonna be a lot of fun!!
    Let's hope the surviving members of
    "Paris Is Burning" shows up!!!

  4. Hard to believe such a pastor can call himself Christian while espousing hatred, starting with President Obama and extending to so many others.