Thursday, February 19, 2015


UPDATE: Permits mention demolition by hand for the full 4-story of the each building which may just apply to the interior. No plans have been applied for as far as a new structure is concerned.  

When walking by West 123rd Street just east of Morningside Avenue, we always notice the set of unique townhouses at the end of the block.  The handsome row of homes with distinct blue oriels always looked habitable but upon passing by Number 369 and 371 this week, it was apparent that these two brownstones were basically a shell.  Missing windows now expose the interior to the elements and one can see that the ceiling at the top floors have big holes in them with the sky in view.  About a year ago both SROs were sold and apparently demolition by hand permits were filed based on DOB records.   Developers uptown have been combining two townhouses into one building and restoring the facades these days but others seem to be unfortunately behind the times.

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