Tuesday, March 24, 2015


We have friends in Brooklyn who we never see because they say uptown is too far away but the reality is actually the opposite if you have to work in midtown like most people do in the city.  From 125th Street to 59th Street on the express A or D line, it just takes six minutes and 42nd Street not much longer.  Express lines from 145th Street is just another stop north of 125th Street so one is adding only 3 minutes or so being in Hamilton Heights.

In comparison, those living in expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Park Slope spend an average of 45 minutes getting to midtown and that's just the morning commute.  Our advice to those who ask us about living uptown is to be close to the 2,3 or A,D line at 145th or 125th Street and everything else like new cafes, restaurants, Whole Foods etc, eventually will happen if not so already.  Your commute time is set in stone because of the subway lines and living in the city is stressful enough without spending hours of your life on the train each week trying to get to work.  Check out the minutes within this AM New York piece on commute times that New Yorkers face: LINK

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