Tuesday, March 3, 2015


We were able to have one cocktail at the new Mess Hall bar on FDB by 118th Street this past weekend and was quite impressed with innovation of the South Harlem hot spot.  Not really knowing what to expect, the Campfire Manhattan was chosen since it promised to have a smokey flavor to balance with maple bourbon which is quite different from anything we ever had before.  Since it was so dark the homemade beef jerky did not really register until the drink arrived.  After the first sip, the flavor elements started to come together gradually on one's tongue.  Fire, smokiness, a bit of maple and then the jerky notes finishes things off.  More a less a meal in a cup. Those who are into new and interesting mixes will definitely want to try this one out but the more reserved might want to stick to some of the more traditional cocktails on the menu.  We had to meet an out of town guest later in the evening so could not stick around for another round but will be back for more in the future.  Read more about Mess Hall in our past post: LINK

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