Monday, March 9, 2015


Sad news arrived over the weekend announcing the passing of legendary documentary film maker Albert Maysles.  The Maysles brothers filmed the cult classic Grey Gardens back in 1975 which followed the daily lives of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' eccentric cousins living in squalor on their decaying East Hampton estate of which the film was named after.  Grey Gardens over the decades became a much quoted movie which more recently inspired a critically acclaimed Broadway musical along with a Hollywood film.

Younger uptowners might not have been familiar with Mr. Maysles' illustrious career but would probably have appreciated watching movies or taken documentary cinema production courses at the filmmaker's indie theater on Lenox and 127th Street.  Albert Maysles was also a resident of Mount Morris Park who has invited neighbors into his home during the annual house tours and also an active member of the community who will be missed by all.

Albert Maysles portrait courtesy of Maysles Cinema


  1. I will miss Mr. Maysles enormously. He brought a lot of good to Harlem and he was a great force for good through his artistry. He shared his skill with others freely and was a self-less advocate for others desiring to be a part of the art & science of documentary film making. I had the great pleasure of taking a course at Maysles and meeting Mr. Maysles and he invited the course attendees to his home. What hospitality!

    Harlem, New York & the world has truly lost one of its gems. I will cherish his memory fondly.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. I personally wasn't as knowledgeable of his works, but have certainly heard of him and will dedicate some time to learn more about this incredible Harlemite.

  3. One of the greats and he left us a remarkable body of work.