Thursday, April 16, 2015


Chef Marcus Samuelsson has come up with an instant local favorite after opening Streetbird Rotisserie on West 116th Street in the past couple of weeks and we have been enjoying trying out different offerings on the menu.  Probably one of the best things that we have tried all year is the Tack Tack dish  which is a fermented tortillas that comes with either crisp roast chicken or spicy piri piri catfish.  With the slightly mushy center which is not unlike injera, crispy outer edges, pickled onions, spices and cilantro topping, this new take on a taco might even be better than the original. This is hands on dining and is worth all the effort since the savory notes combined with the unique wrap along with the herbs really are a home run.  Truth be told, we did not know what to expect from this menu item but had one of those moments of culinary revelations that always makes dining out at a new spot something to look forward to.  More on Streetbird in our past post: LINK

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