Monday, April 13, 2015


We were a little worried that the new restaurant Yuzu at 350 Lenox would not be that authentic but have now discovered that Japanese chef Tomoyuki Hayashi will be heading up the new sushi spot by 127th Street.  After some research, it appears that the 18-year culinary veteran is a master at Edomae-style sushi and was at Sushi Azabu in Tribeca.  From a review that we found online, it looks like the real deal. Harlem already has a lot of faux Japanese cuisine that is pretty inconsistent on quality (we just had an underwhelming Curry Don experience for lunch at one of those said restaurants) and the new eatery promises to be a better option for sushi enthusiasts uptown.  There will be a soft opening by the end of April and we will have more updates soon.  As noted in our previous post this year, several Japanese establishments are now set to open in 2015: LINK

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  1. I am so looking forward to this. Nobody does ethnic food like those who are genuinely of that particular group. Yes, you can teach an Ethiopean born, Swedish raised, Parisienne trained chef to make Collard Greens but then no one can do it quite like Aunt Lizzie from Charleston S.C. Its ok to have an Egyptian make Pizza but at the same time it seems a bit dishonest and a bit suspicious. So bring on this bright & shining star. I really dig Japanese cuisine, especially after my first trip there in '87. The street food scene is really "off the chain" there and I miss it.