Friday, June 12, 2015


Two out of three neighboring townhouse on West 145th Street are up for sale but the one that probably needs the most work is not even on the market.  Number 472 West 145th Street is two-family that has original details but needs some major renovations for the asking of $2.75 million and number 468 West 145th Street looks to be an SRO for sale at $1.2 million.  That valuable Certificate of Non Harassment is missing at the SRO so this is probably why there is such a big price difference.  This location is on a sloping hill but is on the outskirts of the historic district along with being just short walk to the express trains.  Nearly $3 million for a fixer upper in Harlem seems a little steep to us since renovated homes can still be purchased at that price point on a decent block.  Then there is number 470 which has the plywood in the window and does nothing for the curb appeal of the adjacent properties.

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