Monday, July 20, 2015


Harlem Bespoke started out as a neighborhood, lifestyle and design blog. We have not really been promoting some of the great menswear insiders from uptown as of late so will be spotlighting the taste makers to look out for on social media in observation of last week's Fashion Week. Style watchers know that Men's Fashion Week in New York City just launched again once more after being discontinued by the time the early aughts rolled around and that some of the most fashionable fellows actually live uptown.

Fashion photographer Joshua Woods has dropped by Sugar Hill Market in the past before and we have been following the rising star ever since.  Mr. Woods is the one of the main photographers that the New York Times uses for their magazine to cover all of the fashion shows and is often abroad for work in London, Paris or Milan.  More recently, the young talent has shot a look book for Calvin Klein Collection and has a series of online photos of New York Men's Fashion Week up on the Times site.  Check out @joshuawoods on Instagram to see more photos from the Harlem resident: LINK

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  1. I love this, Keep on exposing us to all the Harlem happenings & taste makers. I just went to his instagram and love the content