Friday, August 14, 2015


After a Bespoke follower read our post on the Harlem wood frame house in contract based on an asking of $3.7 million, they mentioned that they owned a similar property just a block west way back in the 70s.  We will have an updated photo of the address posted later.  Here is what happened to the historic home pictured above: 

Here's to stupidity. Our house was the exact one to this. In fact I use to point out how they were alike. Ours was 9 west 128th street.  I hated it.  Afraid it might catch fire and burn and kill the family. Finally in 1978 I got my way and got my family out. Stopped paying everything. Bums started sneaking in once I took my dog away. NYC after threatening us decided to take it down as a fire hazard. The plot is still there, though empty. I definitely didn't have the forsight that one day it could be worth something. Hope my kids don't see this cause they never wanted to leave it.

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  1. What a shame that architectural heritage is lost forever.