Friday, August 14, 2015


As prices increase in Central and West Harlem, developers and deal seekers are starting to look more towards the east side of uptown these days. We had not walked the stretch between Fifth Avenue and 2nd Avenue for some time and notice a lot of new activity as of late.  The top photo shows a couple of buildings finishing up just west of Park Avenue which happen to also face public housing to the south.  A bit further away on 2nd Avenue, the views are much better and newer buildings can be seen along this corner which also has Mountain Bird nearby and is a couple of blocks away from the subway station on Lexington Avenue.  With an Average Manhattan apartment in 2015 going for $1.7 million, units like the newish one bedroom at 2132  2nd Avenue (lower photo) going for $490K might be one of the better deals to be found below 125th Street: LINK

H+B will start doing more features on condos around $500K for those looking for deals in Manhattan since these units do actually exists.

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