Monday, September 14, 2015


Many of the new better businesses uptown have been started folks whole have lived the neighborhood for several years but we are now meeting a few startups this year that actually have owner who were born and raised uptown.  Pompette is a boutique wine shop on West 131st Street just around the corner from Lenox Avenue and was founded this year by a gentleman who grew up just a couple of blocks south of the new shop.  Vivrant Beauty at St. Nicholas Avenue by 121st Street is one of the best beauty essentials shops to be found above 96th Street and was founded by a young lady who grew up within Lenox Terrace.

Peque Tapas Bar on 145th is less than a month old and the proprietor's old neighborhood as a child was bit further west in Manhattanville. Then there is the Harlem Chocolate Factory which is a local startup that successfully launched at Sugar Hill Market which specializes in small batch, fair trade treats.  The artisan chocolate company was founded just months ago by a young woman who was told to ignore such dreams while growing up in public housing uptown.  We are excited about all of the new retail and food scene in Harlem but these home grown success stories really bring things full circle.

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