Thursday, September 24, 2015


We received several emails about an Asian restaurant arriving on Amsterdam by 148th Street and finally was able to check out the storefront in Hamilton Heights.  As the photo above shows, it literally states that an Asian restaurant is coming soon.  We just hope things get a little more specific and not the ballpark Chinese mashup that sometimes arrives further uptown.  Specialized eateries are the way to go these days as the Handpulled Noodle has proven and we could use a great Thai restaurant or Vietnamese spot to mix things up a little. Sushi and ramen also seems to be the other big trend but uptown already has those offerings covered at this point.

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  1. That space is wonderful, I really hope it's something of some substance. I live right near there and was devastated to see Amsterdam Social go, so i think it's important to support. The streets on Amsterdam north o 145th have so much potential