Wednesday, September 16, 2015


When we first started writing about Harlem 6 years ago, the growing retail scene was all about lower FDB, then Lenox Avenue and now has moved a bit further north in the past couple of years.  One local eatery now wants to expand and had inquired on what is the next hot neighborhood for uptown that could still be affordable for a startup. We mentioned the storefronts by City College on Amsterdam a couple of years ago and that part of the Heights now has quite a few options to choose from.  Then there is the Strivers Row Corridor just above 135th Street on 7th Avenue which now has a new bistro, bar, and cafe but probably could use few more spots to open.

Our other current 2015 recommendation would be the St. Nicholas Avenue Corridor on Sugar Hill just north of 145th Street which benefits from an amazing express subway station.  The immediate area already has Il Caffe Latte, Sugar Hill Cafe, Tsion Cafe and Mamma K's Soups but has even greater potential in our opinion for more shops to come along. Also the border of Sugar Hill on Amsterdam just a couple of blocks west has a lot of storefronts but not much as far as better businesses go.


  1. Live on St. Nicholas and 145 and would LOVE to see some more interesting shops, restaurants and bars open up on these blocks. Great transportation, lots of people and the neighborhood is beautiful!

  2. There are a ton of empty storefronts on Broadway between 137 and 145...perhaps those should be looked into as well.

  3. I suggest Seventh Avenue - ACP jr. Blvd. Cantina 1838 is constantly packed - and I'm sure their rent is much lower then being on FDB or Lenox Aves. There are multiple storefronts available. Seventh is a gorgeous grand boulevard, lined with trees with a rich history and intact architectural heritage.

  4. I agree with Mark. Any business owner should consider the St. Nicholas Avenue Corridor on Sugar Hill, north of 145th Street. The area is being gentrified quickly and I see more and more people moving to Sugar Hill - it is one of the last affordable Manhattan neighborhoods.

    I moved to Hamilton Heights / Sugar Hill from downtown - I bought a 3 bed / 2 bath condo all cash and I am very happy with my purchase. The neighborhood reminds me of Soho in the 90s. Some chain shops but mostly mom and pop shops.

    However, more businesses need to arrive. My boss is also moving up here with me - he is currently in contract for a beautiful brownstone for a little less than $4M. The new crowd needs better businesses and upscale restaurants.

  5. There are a lot of empty spots further north but this our recommendation based on housing trends, public transportation and the overall aesthetic of the immediate blocks.