Friday, October 30, 2015


We received a question from a homeowner who really needs help with a cornice repair and would love for some referrals from the Bespoke audience:

We have a beautiful cornice - we're in the small row of peaked-roof houses on 136th St/FDB - but it's in very bad shape and our top floor is leaking like crazy as a result (especially today!!). We've had several people look at it over the years but everyone advises the same thing - "it's not worth it, just take it off." Obviously we don't want to do that...but what is a homeowner to do without a contractor willing to take on the effort? Any chance you or any of your readers have some recommendations for people who really know what they're doing when it does to cornice repair and restoration?


  1. Harlem Grand is currently undergoing a Landmark's Conservancy restoration on its facade & cornice. A conversation with Architectural and Cultural Heritage Conservation Specialist Ms. Mary Kay Judy may prove beneficial. email:

  2. We love this crew.

  3. Original cornices are from stamped metal, replacing one with a like kind, runs about $10,000 - $15,000 for custom made cornices and depending on the level of details (as in this case) you can alternatively use a roofer to simply come and patch it and seal it and paint it. You may also have an issue with the drain, which is easy to fix. Note that this will require a scaffolding, and a scaffolding requires permit. If you have further interest, please post your email and I will send you some contacts. Sorry, I cannot post them online to the public.


    These guys do good work - the owner and most of the craftsmen are local. I've done small to medium jobs with them and have always been happy.