Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Who can guess the vantage point of this avenue view taken around 1930?  Those tenements on either side of the street in the foreground were deemed unsuitable by the city over half a century ago and have since been torn down but the main avenue in the background still exists.  One clue is that the street does not continue once it hits the avenue and that just might be an above ground train track in the distance.  Another local landmark that still stands today looms over on a high hill in the horizon.  The answer with a current photo can be found after the jump.
As some have guessed, this was the intersection of 124th Street facing Broadway looking west.  The street was totally removed from the grid for a towers in the park type of housing and now a parking lot for those said dwellings front this corner of Manhattanville.  In recent years, the elevated subway tracks on Broadway have been restored and the International House is the large landmark in the background that can always be recognized in some of these older photos of the neighborhood.   Archival image courtesy NYPL


  1. The no longer existing West 124th Street at Broadway.

  2. West 123rd looking West towards Broadway...