Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The former Mount Morris Turkish Baths located on Madison just south of 125th Street has been up for rent since 2010 and it looks like a tenant has finally secured the space that was one of the city's longest running saunas.  Opened back in 1890 by a doctor living in the neighborhood, the steam room would eventually became a gay meeting spot by the Harlem Renaissance years and some famous black icons of the time have reportedly dropped by from time to time.  Everything has since shut down just a little over a decade ago and the facade signs were removed in the past couple of years or so.  Check out what has now replaced the 100 year old institution after the jump.
A Korean martial arts sword academy has now set up at the below level storefront.  Sword Classic NYC already has a website set up with the new address and is currently open for business.  We kind of like that this random establishment has arrived in Harlem but thought the space would have been a great gay bar based on the history.  More on the baths can be found in our past post: LINK

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