Thursday, October 15, 2015


Another lounge over by 12th Avenue in Manhattanville has shuttered.  This section of West Harlem around 125th Street was the industrial neighborhood for uptown and at one time looked very similar to the Meat Packing Districted further south in Manhattan.  Columbia University purchased the majority of the property in the area and has since demolished many of the buildings to make way for a new campus leaving the neighborhood in a sort of development limbo these past few years.

Recently Hudson River Cafe also closed down but Dinosaur Bar-B-Que or Fairway does quite well.  Since pedestrian foot traffic is scarce over by 12th Avenue whatever comes along next must have a bigger reputation to really do well in the area with the few shopfront options that are left and new startups might not be such a great idea until the campus is fully formed.  We are just not sure the whole nightclub or lounge model really works here since that business model has limited hours and does not appeal to the wide demographic which is needed to keep the area active.

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