Thursday, October 29, 2015


We broke the news a year before the mainstream press announced that a boutique hotel was arriving in Manhattanville and have recently heard other tips on a key investor involved with the new establishment.  A couple of sources have mentioned that one of the major partners in the venture is a notable entertainer in the music world who could definitely help fund this type of investment.
The original story was that associates formerly involved in Soho House would be bringing the concept uptown with their own branding.  More details were revealed a year later in the press detailing a 40-room boutique hotel just around the corner from Amsterdam Avenue at 126th Street within the Mink Building block.  Rooftop amenities will include a swimming pool and a bar from what we have heard thus far which would finally make this industrial part of West Harlem an uptown destination.  As for the mystery investor goes, let's just say those keeping up with the Carter's will probably have to hang out in Harlem more often in the near future.

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