Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Everyone appears to be pretty excited about the Whole Foods building topping off on 125th Street and a Bespoke tip came in yesterday with a photo of the escalators being delivered to each floor.  The part of the entire construction that took the longest was the foundation but now all of the floors are up so things will really be moving quickly in the next few months.  Glass on the facade will probably be installed on the facade by the end of the year and a late 2016 opening date is the schedule that has been set.  We are also looking forward to arrival of Whole Foods because the notable supermarket has reached out to small businesses within the community for the opportunity to have local goods stocked in the new store on the corner of Lenox: LINK

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  1. The construction has been moving along rapidly since the foundation was finished. Looks like the foundation was the rate-limiting step, and now everything can proceed quickly.