Thursday, December 24, 2015


Americans really do not do the outdoor dining thing in colder months like Europeans but sometimes a temporary enclosure will entice guests to think differently.  In the past, the equivalent to a plastic clear tent was the answer to this particular issue but now a couple of restaurants in Hamilton Heights have figured out a more substantial solution.  The Draft House just below 142nd Street on Broadway now has a glass and metal popup model that looks like it could be a permanent structure which has been set up to take advantage of the foldout windows built into the facade.  Anchor Wine Bar just one block north also has the same setup but this makes total sense because both eateries were founded by the same owner.


  1. This is amazing. I always loved how Harlem Tavern had a great outdoor covering giving you the outdoor effect all year long. I also walked by the Draft House and loved those big open windows.

    Harlem Public and ATW would do well with something like this, they have such a fun outdoor area at any rate.

    Great blog post

  2. SLA used to have a hard and fast rule that outside drinking and dining was one thing but once you enclosed it it became part of the restaurant/bar and that was a whole ’nother kettle o’fish

    Those laws may still be extant

    1. I think the shelters provide a vibe of their own. Personally I have never felt it as its similar indoor space. I think they provide a cozy unique winter atmosphere for those of us who prefer to sit outside every chance we'd get during the warmer months.

      Whoever made the comment might just be more of an indoor diner by nature.

      I absolutely adore more and more of the shelters. I dine at Harlem Tavern 80% of the time during winter because of what that gigantic shelter provides.

      Spring and Summer patio is always strong, but a fabulous shelter during the winter is a close second for me.