Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Our popular HB series that ranks the top uptown neighborhoods is back for the end of the year count in 2015.  Harlem is a large part of Manhattan that changes block by block so we have put together a list of the best micro-nabes based on location, architecture, transportation, local amenities along with record closing prices when applicable. This is our own opinion based on reporting on the neighborhood for a few years and a new post will be made each day until the number one spot has been revealed.

Number 10: The Upper Broadway Corridor, starting in the 140s and up to 150th on Broadway which includes the surrounding brownstone sides streets in Hamilton Heights.   Moving up one position this year is Hamilton Heights' commercial corridor neighborhood which is the younger, hipper part of West Harlem.  Harlem Public, The Handpulled Noodle, At the Wallace, Anchor Wine Bar, The Draft House, The Chipped Cup,  Loft 142, Chopped Parsley, Bono Trattoria and a forth coming bourbon bar are some of the notable newcomers that have arrived in the past couple of years that has made the area really vibrant.  Because of the proximity to Columbia University along with affordability, this area has an influx of millennials mixing in with longtime Dominican locals and a more visible gay community.

The Heights also has great bones with a handsome housing stock that has not been affected by the Urban Renewal development projects of the past decades.  Crime is also at and all time low and the west side blocks apparently are some of the safest in Manhattan. This also tends to be the area further north with brownstones in the lower $2 million range and thus is attractive to many entry level home buyers.  As far as subways go, the 1 train at 145th Street is strictly local but connects to the express line at 96th after a few stops.

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  1. Great neighborhood and it keeps on getting better. Not to mention when sadly the Footdown caught fire, the community got together and really took this as a loss. Harlem has such a unique excellence in community. Its something I believe we are surpassing many of other neighborhoods.

    We mix our culture, our trials, our future all together with such elegance. Together We Achieve More, we are a T E A M