Monday, December 28, 2015


It has been almost three years now since the historic Lenox Lounge was torn apart by lease dispute and now it looks like nothing has really developed much further in 2015.  It all started with a rent increase by the property owner to a reported $20,000 a month, then a tragic vandalism of the storefront by the previous lessee, and then a couple of lawsuits.  The new lease holder started a gut renovation of what was left of the interior over a year ago with a vision of making a contemporary update to the jazz spot but the financial pressure was too great by then and the back rent piled up.  Another court ruling would eventually follow and the now the space has been returned to the building owner.  What is now left is a shell that would need a lot of capital investment to restore on top of a high rent demand so not much will probably happen for a long time.


  1. It should be renovated with as much original stuff as possible. Then put on landmark list

  2. Something will happen there, but probably not a Lenox Lounge. The already high area rents will go higher when Whole Foods opens directly across the street this summer.

  3. Landmark would be the best bet, is that a possibility? It's be great to have a Jazz influence at that particular location. Perhaps some of the big businesses around should all come together for this cause. Lennox Lounge is and could be the heart of the nabe. Just my opinion.

  4. a regular diner would be best.. every other neighborhood has one.. why do I have to travel down to the upper west side to eat at one? not every restaurant opening has to be fru fru and overpriced or extremely low level and trashy...

  5. Since it can't be Lenox Lounge again, might have been a great new home for the National Jazz Museum.

    1. Too small for the Jazz Museum and too late for landmark status. The owner gambled and lost. He had a good thing going over reached.