Tuesday, January 5, 2016


After a long holiday and doing some major restaurant reviews in December, we decided to check out some of the healthier options to be found uptown for 2016.  An iPhone app that calculates approximate calories for each ingredient also comes in handy for getting a better idea of calorie count and we put some of uptown's favorites to the health test. Pretty much anything around 300 or under will be the ones to look out for.

We have not been back to The Draft House on Broadway between 141st and 142nd Street for quite some time and decided to see what the eatery had as far as a healthy option was concerned.  After eating quite a bit of kale for the past week, we decided to go with a lobster salad which was a unique offering on the daily menu for $18 a plate.  A glass of wine had also been ordered for the nights light fare and the salad came out freshly prepared a few minutes later.

An awkward presentation with a deep square bowl made it hard to see what was in the mix but we fussed with the individual ingredients to get a better photo.  There pretty much was a moderately sized portion of a single claw with a couple of cups of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes and a half serving of a small avocado.  With a light vinaigrette, we came to the conclusion that this all rolled up to around 270 calories which is not bad at all and gave us some room to have the included side order of crispy grilled flat bread.

Overall this particular salad tasted better than it looked but we probably will not be ordering the offering  quite often based on the higher price point.    With that said, the brick oven stove is up and running so pizza might be in the near future if some athletic milestones are met in the coming weeks on our end.

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