Thursday, February 25, 2016


Number 458 West 144th Street was up on the market at the end of last year for $2.4 million and now has closed lower at $2.1 million which is actually not a bad deal for the owner since this was a re-sale within a few months without any renovations.  The block is one of the most sought after in the Hamilton Height Historic District and is just around the corner from the Royal Tenenbaum House on Convent Avenue.  Hopefully the new owner will actually live in the majestic single-family home with its original details intact and do the necessary upgrades.  More on Streeteasy: LINK

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  1. Great block. Seems like a reasonable deal even considering the big money that needs to be put into renovations. That said, it's hard to see these prices. I own in the area and the dream of ever buying a house has really slipped out of reach.