Friday, February 5, 2016


A Bespoke tip came in yesterday with an updated view of the construction going on at Broadway just north of West 146th Street.  Mama Sushi is a Latin lounge take on the type of trendy sushi joints that pretty much were opening downtown in the late 90s. Our insider also took a photo of the interior while passing by this second location of the establishment which already has a location in Washington Heights.
We kind of are on the fence about sushi spots opening by westerners or non-Japanese business owners who use cultural stereotypes but it looks like some effort are being invested within the interior.  There is a Chinese-owned business called Geisha not too far away that has neon glow to it and the same sort of sales pitch.  With that said, Mama Sushi is much larger and appears to be just a little more updated in aesthetics.  Other than that, our final opinion is that the whole chopstick in the logo is getting a bit tired since the new eatery on lower Lenox has the same concept going on: LINK

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