Friday, March 4, 2016


We had a chance to grab a quick bite at the new Little Bamboo takeout sushi spot on Lenox by 119th Street this week and it was not too bad.  Those looking for more authentic sushi should probably try Inoue, Yuzu or Jado when in Harlem but as far as a casual spot goes, Little Bamboo at least offers up fresh, healthy food and moderate price point.  We tried one of the chirashi bowls which was missing the wasabi but had mayonnaise instead but the fish was fresh with just enough ikura to make it a little more special than some of the other fast food joints that come and gone uptown.

Everything here is a mash of cultures including banh mi sandwiches that most Vietnamese would not recognize.  Rice bowls with cooked protein options are also available but the starch is not really served up on the slightly sticky side like most Japanese restaurants.  Then there are all of the rolls with crazy names and inventive combination so diners who want to grab a sushi bite like it's 1990 should be happy here. More on Little Bamboo can be found in our past post: LINK

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