Friday, March 4, 2016


We received several tips that the McDonald's on 145th Street and Broadway had a plywood fence up out front but what is actually going on?  Arriving on this corner in Hamilton Heights that is located in front of a subway stop, we noticed that everything was pretty much being torn down out front.
Permits are up outside of this prime location and it looks like the establishment that is a couple of decades old is just going for an update.  Most of the new McDonald's in the city have a more sleek, modern look to them and the Hamilton Heights location apparently was one of the first ones to arrive in Harlem many years ago.  When things finish up, a new facade and interior will revealed in the coming months so at least something different is happening.

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  1. "I used to cop in Harlem, hola my Dominicanos
    Right there up on Broadway, brought me back to that McDonalds."—Jay Z