Friday, April 22, 2016


The famous pre-war Pumpkin House in the Heights is now up on the market for the uptown record of $5.25 million.  Number 16 Chittenden Avenue was built in 1923 and sits on a corner facing a stunning, uninterrupted view of the Hudson River just roughly by 186th Street.  This 2-family home with windows in the back that look like a Jack O' Lantern at night has been written about by the Times in the past.   Original details are also intact within and there are open terrace spaces to take advantage of the location on the cliff.  Those worried about being a little to far north might find comfort in the fact that there is a 2-car garage next door but the A Train station at 190th Street is also just few blocks north.   More on Streeteasy: LINK

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