Wednesday, April 6, 2016


One of the dishes that we were not familiar with at the new Curry-Ya on 1467 Amsterdam by 133rd Street was the Dry Curry on the menu.  Looking it up online, some cooking sites mentioned that it was more like a fried rice dish using curry as a base but  it appears that the fancier option have the components separate with the sauce on top.  Ground beef in a savory sauce with fried onions on top made us think more on the line of a Japanese chili served over rice rather than the aforementioned comparison.  This was a hearty option which hit the spot but was not as rich and decadent as the baked katsu curry that we initially tried.  Curry-Ya is definitely one of the more unique eateries to open uptown this side of the year so we are looking forward to trying more of the menu in the coming weeks.   Check out the original review in our past post: LINK

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