Sunday, April 10, 2016


A Bespoke reader sent in a photo of a certain former President as he arrived at Abyssinian Baptist today which really shows the connection that the Clintons have with uptowners.  While the Bernie Sanders campaign just opened an office on 137th Street this past weekend, Bill Clinton has had a presence on 125th Street for the past 15 years and has been engaging with the community. Hillary Clinton knew the first stop in the important New York primary had to be at the Apollo but the Sanders campaign focused on the Bronx which drew several thousand onlookers.  A Sanders surrogate then campaigned in Harlem which also apparently attracted potential voters from the Bronx but did not go anywhere since negative comments were made about President Obama during the discussion.

It is not clear if any of this posturing will help the challenger to the democratic party but the Observer article on the political reaction in the Bronx might just reflect how uptowners would rather go with the more familiar candidate: LINK

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