Tuesday, August 30, 2016


It will not be until another 5 months or so for the Whole Foods on 125th to open up but the other anchor tenants in the new construction on the corner of Lenox will be opening much sooner in Harlem.  We walked by this commercial hub in Central Harlem by the 2,3 express train station and noticed that all of the official signage has been mounted out front for two of the other big headliners at the address.

American Eagle and Olive Garden will now be making a major statement in Manhattan by securing a spot in Harlem in the coming months.  Posters out front on the ground floor state that the junior apparel line will debut in just a matter of weeks while it is still unclear when the restaurant on the 2nd floor will be finished up. Burlington Coat Factory was another reported tenant but apparently not much is going on with that retailer as of late.  Read more about this new development in our past post: LINK

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