Tuesday, September 20, 2016


We had the afternoon off this past Sunday and headed over to east side to check out the new Sunday brunch menu at Mountain Bird on East 110th just before 2nd Avenue.   The prix fix menu at $22 included the sweet muffins accompanied by the famous vanilla speckled butter, choice of coffee or tea, salad or soup and the main course.  Our main reason for dropping by was the confit chicken and waffle dish which is something we had yet to try.

Most diners familiar with French restaurants know that a confit is the slow cooking method in duck fat and Mountain Bird uses a whole chicken leg instead of the usual canard. This very large leg had a crispy crunch to it and contrasted nicely against the pillow soft waffles which would have been quite excellent on their own.  Chef Tajima is Le Roi of French sauces and cherry brandy gravy that came on the side hit the right savory and sweet notes.  In addition to all of the excitement on the plate, a frissee salad with a perfectly poached egg was part of this main course.

The entire dish with the dark meat poultry, starchy waffles, brown gravy and sweet cherries actually was more in tune with a franco update to a Thanksgiving meal which might be a little too adventuresome for some in the afternoon.  Mountain Bird's famous Schnitzel, in additional to omelets and French Toast are also part of the offering but those who remember the first location in Hamilton Heights might be excited to hear that the incredible turkey burger is back for Sundays also.  More on Mountain Bird can be found in our past post:  LINK

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