Monday, September 5, 2016


One of the most affordable single-bedroom apartments in South Harlem has just arrived on the market for $1,500 a month.  Number 274 West 119th Street is located just around the corner from the bustling FDB commercial corridor and steps away from the express trains at 125th Street or the local on 116th.  Since rents in Manhattan can go for $2,000 more for the same amount of space, this is quite the deal.  More details and contact information on the broker site: LINK

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  1. "Living Rooms" (& bedrooms) require a window to be legally considered such a room. This apt appears to have no window in the "living room". Haven't seen it in person, but seems as if the apt would have been a better space overall if they had just left it a sun-filled generous studio instead of sticking that wall up in the middle of the space. $1,500 would still be a great deal for a studio in this area.