Thursday, October 20, 2016


UPDATE: Streeteasy has the property listed as an 8-unit home but the broker mentions this is a single-family. We probably would suggest that buyers find out the proper C of O in any case to make sure.

A townhouse located just a couple of blocks south of the 145th Street express subway station at 189 Edgecombe has arrived on the market for $1.65 million which at first appears to be quite a low price.  The intact interior has a bit of original details within but the main issue here is that the building is an SRO and there does not appear to be a Certificate on Non Harassment in place.  A developer will probably come along and convert everything into the coveted single-family layout but the legal issues that come along with this process is probably best left to the professionals.  More details can be found on Streeteasy: LINK

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  1. Hi this is not a Sro. It is a single family. I am the listing broker.