Friday, October 7, 2016


Now that the cooler, fall weather has arrived, we decided to check out some of the great pasta eateries that have been popping up all over Harlem in the past few years.  Vinateria on FDB at the corner of 119th Street is always a local favorite so dropping by last night to check out what was on the menu made perfect sense.  It turns out that the late summer offerings were still available so we went for the saffron linguine with fresh manila clams which turned out to be just the right choice for the evening.  The saffron element was a little lost on the dish but the perfectly cooked al dente pasta made in house really reminded us why Vinateria is one of the best on 8th Avenue.  Seafood can also easily be messed up but the clams here were super fresh with a bright hit of chopped parsley that provided a refreshing accent to the overall plate.  Another best seller on the menu was the 1 pound ribeye which we would not have been able to handle that evening but will definitely try out the next time around.  Read more about Vinateria in our past post: LINK

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