Monday, December 5, 2016


The foundation for the new amphitheater at the $7 billion Columbia Manhattanville campus has been finishing up by Broadway and 125th Street but in now looks like two more ambitious projects have been planned one block north.  We walked by the demotion site at 12th Avenue this past weekend and noticed a few more renderings had been revealed.

As can be seen in the above map, the new additions will have a bit of green space between them and both have the same sculptural, angular levels as a feature.  Digging at the location between 130th and 131st Street appears to have just begun so it might be some time before anything rises in the near future.  Starchitect Renzo Piano's first building for the campus has its merits but at the end of the day is still a big glass box.  These new designs presented seem to be a little more ambitious as far as their relationship to form and function which should bring in some much needed interest to the area.  Check out the other plans for the campus in our past post: LINK

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