Wednesday, January 11, 2017


                                Archival photo courtesy the digital collection at MCNY
The Mount Morris Park Fire Watchtower by 122nd Street was dismantled a couple of years ago and put into storage in Queens until new parts could be fabricated.  A reported timeline for the $4 million historic restoration project is a finish date of Summer 2017 which means things should be picking up in the next couple of months if anything is going to happen on schedule. This was the last standing watchtower in Manhattan that dates back to the Civil War Era and once utilized a large 5-ton bell to signal patrols throughout the city.  Bracing was added in the early 90s for stability but the full renovation originally planned in the mid 80s never happened.  Hopefully the Parks Department will get it together this year and the local landmark will finally be back as the crown of the acropolis.  Check out what the site currently looks like in our past post: LINK

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