Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Harlem now has quite a few gym options for those who want to get into better shape for the new year.  A lot of the new residential constructions have private gyms but the equipment therein really only works for a beginner level athlete and those who are a bit more advanced might want to join one of the below options.  

New York Sports Club, locations by 124th Street, Lower Fifth Avenue and 145th Street.   NYSC was the first to have a big presence uptown with three branches that arrived before any other chains. All the facilities are modern since they tend to be in the retail spaces of the new buildings that have recently gone up and contracts can be had for just about $20 a month for a single gym (versus all branch) pass.  Towels, aerobics classes, amble squat and bench press stations are some of the pluses at NYSC but an all branch pass to multiple locations in the city will be closer to $90 a month for those who want that option.

Blink, locations on 125th Street and 116th Street.  Equinox's more affordable chain has arrived uptown in the past couple of years and provides a modern space to work out in which has an all branch pass that cost just under $20 a month.  There are a lot of cardio machines here but no towel service or classes.  Bench press stations along with squat station numbers are minimal and sometimes it is frustrating to work out those major muscle groups if the gym is busy.  Dumbbells only go up to 90 pound max which is also something heavy lifters might want to consider.

Planet Fitness, Locations by 125th Street and 157th Street.  Planet Fitness arrived a bit before Blink and monthly rate go as low as $10 for special contracts.  The setup is pretty much the same as Blink as far as amenities but apparently pizza parties and tanning booths are part of the deal.  Everything is bright and commercial inside like the overall general concept so expect some major crowds during rush hour.  

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  1. We need something to replace the awful NYC Fitness that used to be on Broadway between 145 and 146...no gyms up on the hill!