Monday, June 19, 2017


Harlem Bespoke:  The mystery behind the sudden closing of Chez Lucienne has now been solved thanks to a Bespoke tip that came in over the weekend.  A neighbor asked the construction workers about the current activity at the French bistro located on Lenox by 125th Street and it appears that renovations are indeed at hand.  A lot of the original interior has been gutted but some dramatic additions are now being put in place.
Striking herringbone floors are some of the new updates to the classic eatery in Central Harlem that has been a local favorite for many years and more designer details will probably be added on in the coming weeks.  A new menu could also be put in place so we can only hope for the best when things finally finish up this summer.  There will reportedly be changes going on to the upstairs space but it is unclear if they will be separate businesses or just one larger restaurant. 2017

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