Friday, September 8, 2017


Harlem Bespoke: We walked by the Apollo yesterday and notice that one of the empty storefronts by the iconic uptown theater had a sign out front announcing that another downtown chain will opening a location in Harlem. This is pretty big news since the new commercial construction has had this vacancy for some time even though a Banana Republic Outlet store moved in a couple of years ago.
Blick is a notable art supply store that has several shops downtown and now has made a move to go further north. Everything will be ready in the next couple of months or so but those in need off back to school supplies should check out Artist and Craftsman which was the first art emporium to open just north of 125th Street on 7th Avenue:  LINK 2017

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  1. No thank you Blick. Will be getting my goods at Artists Craftsman Supply