Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Harlem Bespoke:  Harlem's best sandwich makers over on ACP and 128th Street has been close for some time and many may wonder what happened to the shop that was a favorite with many locals.  After having stellar reviews which included the New York Times, the French takeout spot would shut down about a year after.  Word on the street is that the gas issue with the building never got resolved and the owner decided to pack things up since a fully functional kitchen was out of reach.  B&K apparently has shuttered for good and we now can only hope that the talented chef behind the venture will eventually find a new spot to set up shop once again in the near future.  Read more about B&K in our past post: LINK

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  1. I live right near there and yes, the gas issue was never resolved. The owner/chef said they were going to open again on 116th somewhere but that's the last I've heard! Maybe we should try calling the old number :)

  2. This was a great place. Thanks for letting us know the status - hope it finds a new home!