Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Harlem Bespoke: We decided to check out the dinner menu at Uptown Garrison on 181st Street by Pinehurst last weekend and would recommend the new casual spot in the Heights for a quick bite.  The real specialty is the brick oven pizza which has a crispy crust that was more on the thin side and had the requisite char.  Our offering for the evening was the Pepperoni & Peppers which had a nice extra zing because of the pickled peppers.

Worthy of a mentions was an appetizer of buttermilk chicken that hit the spot and the boneless tenders were more like a Japanese karaage dish with some homemade ranch sauce on the side.  Those into fancy cocktails should also check out Uptown Garrison after 5:00PM in the afternoon when the night menu kicks in.  More photos and details can be found in our past post: LINK

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