Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Harlem Bespoke:  African beers are hard to come by in the city but one new eatery on 125th Street offers up some of the rare brew.  Tusker beer hails from Kenya and Serengeti Kitchen at 22 East 125th Street by Madison Avenue is probably one of the only places in town to try out the light beverage.  Serengeti Teas opened up on FDB by 122nd Street back in 2013 and the owners have debuted a sister restaurant in the past 6 months on uptown's main commercial corridor.  We will have a full menu review in the coming weeks but those who want to drop by the bar for a unique experience should definitely order a refreshing round of Tusker.   Check out our first review on Serengeti Teas in our past post: LINK

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