Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Harlem Bespoke:  One of the bow front townhouse on Edgecombe just north of 142nd Street has finished up renovations and all is very classic out front but the back end tells a different story.  These unique homes have garages on the opposite end of the lot which face Bradhurst Avenue and the developer has restored the back yard instead of keeping the aforementioned parking amenity.  There also now appears to be multiple units with balconies overlooking Bradhurst which make everything a little bit more modern. 2018

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  1. The backyard has a surface treatment designed for parking but one that is porous and so is better for rainfall and run-off. These apartments seem to be being done by a contractor or developer as time allows. A common theme on Edgecomb. They are turning out beautiful and they really paid attention to the details on both sides. It's just taken about two years to get this far. I suspect another year before they go to market.