Friday, January 11, 2019


Harlem Bespoke: Number 63 West 130th Street finally started a full renovation earlier in the year and the facade has been covered with plywood until recently.  This north side of Astor Row located just west of Lenox has matching mansard townhouses so the final restoration of this building has left a big question mark until now.  Will the developer come up with something that matches the historic neighborhood?
As can be seen by the photo taken this week, the new facade is a blank wall with windows and has no allusions to the past.  DOB permits online still have the townhouse listed as a 13-unit building so it is still unclear if that will be the case when 63 West 130th Street arrives on the market as condos or a rental.  To see what this shell sold for, check out our past post: LINK 2017

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