Wednesday, June 12, 2019


Harlem Bespoke: Number 5 West 119th Street on the edge of the Mount Morris Park Historic District went up on the market back in 2016 for $2.45 million, returned in December 2018 for a lower asking set at $1.945 million and now has a contract out.  As previously mentioned,  narrow 14-foot wide townhouse has actually been divided into two apartments with some original details in place.  Modern updates within the kitchen and baths somehow look out of place here and the entire interior could have been more charming with the right finishes.  There is also an empty shell a couple of doors down that has mysteriously sat vacant for as long as we can remember.  With that said, a new condo building has recently arrived on the formerly abandoned lot a few doors west and Whole Foods is in walking proximity at 125th Street.  More on the broker site: LINK 2019

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