Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Harlem Bespoke:  Eat less meat is not only beneficial for health reasons but also helps lowering the agriculture carbon foot print in the environment so we stopped by one of the big national fast food chains to try out the Impossible Whopper which uses Impossible meatless patties which are soy-based.  This new vegetarian beef substituted has had investors in a frenzy since the it actually taste good and cooks up like the real deal but has zero cholesterol.  We can not even remember the last time we stopped by a Burger King but all locations in the states rolled out the meatless whopper this past week so it definitely piqued our interest.

Everything comes wrapped in paper and the burger bun is massive compared to other chains!  With that said, a cooked up quarter pound of meatless patty gets a little loss within the presentation and does not look as plump as in the photos.  Appearances might be mediocre beyond the bun but the taste actually gets two enthusiastic thumbs up.  We actually tried some other meatless options around town and they were bland as usual and tasted fake but the Impossible Burger really hit the spot.  Next time around, a Double Impossible Whopper will probably be even more indulgent but less of a health risk then the usual offering.  Vegans out there might also note to ask to skip the mayo since the condiment does have egg as one of the ingredients.

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