Saturday, February 28, 2009

☞ WALK: Manhattanville

The viaduct area was one of the original industrial areas of northern Manhattan. What was a far off village only reachable by train became a hub for property speculation in the early 20th century. Paint manufacturing, meat packing warehouses, car manufacturing, and Manhattan's own Dairy District can all be found in this part of town. At one point in time, horse drawn carriages loaded up their carriages with milk bottled in Manhattanville to delivery to the homes in the New York City area. Places of note include Tiemann Place of which the former mayor had his family country home but was torn down by the city for luxury middle income apartments when the subway station was built. The arches of massive steel viaduct on the west side of the valley along with the 125th street elevated station have arches within their structures that was said to have been worthy of "Monsieur Eiffel".

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